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  1. Dear Ms. Amy Miller,
    i write in response to your poem in Rattle#63 "The Turkeys By the Road Consult with he Deer" & you contributing note.

    I feel that you comment is an attack against all literature and poetry and all free discourse. Your comment is too cement any and all free-discourse about anything at all. By your comment, i am cemented inside me. You produce boots that cement me to the ground to never understand or explore the other. The end of all discourse, reason in writing. I will never submit to this insane constraint upon me.
    Not now or ever. Please rethink you horrid censorious ideas.
    As for the poem: It was incoherent - not necessarily a bad thing, of course! - but
    the 'Deer' and the ' Turkey' had no coherent voice at all. The poem was a mess. Not as bad as some of my poems - god knows- but a mess nevertheless. Tim Green should never have published it. But Rattle's sense seems to have failed them on this issue.
    Sorry this is negative.
    But i felt i had to say something.
    I wish you no ill harm at all. Please be happy.

    Yours daid susswein.