Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Poem: Waking to Snow

It gathered in your sleep,
quietly packed your dreams
for the long glare of day.
It arrived alone,
stamping small feet on the brick stairs,
pulling down the rhododendron.

You did not need to call it
or think ahead
or clean a small room for its stay.
It will settle on the roof,
on your shoulder,
on the soft back of the doe
who will not move when you step out
onto the street’s new-made bed
as birches rake the wind
with long, patient hands.

This morning is your everywhere,
your everything at once. It took
nothing at all to get here—you
came in sleeping, remember?
Even your brightest dream
could not have seen it so new, so cold.

Posted for DVerse
Open Link Night #32
Thank you, DVerse!


  1. The unnamed "it" makes this perfect. Lovely imagery and movement through the poem. Walks the reader right through it, drawing one in with personal address. Thank you for sharing it and visiting my spot too.

  2. When I read 'onto the street's new-made bed' I genuinely smiled to myself.


  3. What a lovely poem about snow. Sometimes one might be forgiven for thinking, "What else can be written about a certain thing - everything's already been written." Here you break through that barrier beautifully to bring us a new look at snow. I particularly like the line: 'onto the street's new made bed.' This is such a wonderful image, one many of us will keep a long time!

    1. nice...you take the idea that each day is new and really bring it alive in this...i love that it lays on us...and is our everything as it truly is...

  4. oh, it's lovely, a beautiful image of awakening to something magical...

  5. as birches rake the wind
    with long, patient hands.

    Lovely, lovely writing--so magical

  6. I like it specially the closing lines ~

    This morning is your everywhere - fav line ~

    Great to meet you at D'verse ~


  7. hi - an intresting voice draws attention - some V interesting word choices create much to like :)