Tuesday, April 24, 2012

States Avenue

We sat on that corner
and argued the politics
of rye & ginger,
too broke for breakfast.

We knew the park’s damp pillow
after a long night,
the muddy dogwalks
that led us home:

a two-room flat,
the landlord’s foul rendition
of “Stardust” in the garden.
Now these days rattle

with a pill-jar all their own.
I hear the late TV’s
overture to the lonely
repeated beyond these walls.

I think I see your slow dance
on the sidewalk, your misbegotten
groceries, the kitchen ready
to let you in, paused

in the scene you loved:
the spoon at ease against the bowl,
the dishtowel soft
and waiting for disaster.

(Appeared in Permafrost)

Posted for DVerse Poets OpenLinkNight, Week 41.
Hello, DVerse poets!


  1. Ah, this really moves me. I love the way it is set in place and time and the at ease spoon and the waiting dishtowel. http://looseleafnotes.com

  2. this is really cool...full of wonderful descriptions and has a really great flow to it as well...would love to hear it...the politics of rye and ginger...and the dishtowel waiting for disaster, som fav touches...

  3. I think this is my first visit to ur page. I am very impressed. Very accomplished and well written. One of my favs so far. Line after line of excellence.

  4. Finely distilled and striated bit of heart here, Amy, memory like a dust-mote suspended mid-air on a beam of old light. And there's more than a little dustbowl depression in this reverie, state of the art, the heart, the polity. Tough times. You deserve a lot more readers than have wandered by in the d'Verse Pub; the size of the forum I think conspires to keep eyeballs away. Keep coming back - Brendan

  5. This is wonderful, understated and yet filled with such intense images and ideas - I especially like "misbegotten groceries" - that the simple becomes a revelation. This is the first time I visited your blog (so much to read, so little time!) but I'm so glad I did. Bookmark-worthy!