Friday, April 5, 2019

30 Great Poems for April, Day 5: “Telegram” by Amy MacLennan

Read "Telegram" in the online journal Linebreak here.

Disclaimer: I’ve known this poet, Amy MacLennan, for a long time, 20 years or more, and we’ve workshopped each other’s poems so often that we probably know way too much about each other.

Amy is a master of focus, a poet who can dial in her images to the nearly microscopic, and many of her poems deal with bodies in close range. This is one of her best. That last line. That last word. Brilliant. Yes, I'm partial to it because I know the poet, but it's also one of my favorite poems in the world.

[All through April, I’m featuring a favorite poem every day, along with a link where you can read it. Some are classics, some are newer, but each one is the kind of poem that I read, love, and immediately want to tell all my friends about. What better to time to share them than National Poetry Month?]

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