Saturday, April 6, 2019

30 Great Poems for April, Day 6: “Dear P.” By Victoria Chang

Read “Dear P.” in U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith's daily podcast, The Slowdown, here.

This is a poem that inspires me to write. I love the way Victoria Chang plays with language in this poem, with the sound of a round, the kind of song that repeats back on itself, weaving its words into a braid. I also love the spaces in the lines that don’t correspond with pauses in the text as you might normally read it. I feel like she’s bending and breaking conventions, and it all adds up to a kind of music that you feel as much as understand. And then that great, strong last line.

Doesn’t this poem make you want to read this whole book, Barbie ChangBuy it from Copper Canyon Press right here.

[All through April, I’m featuring a favorite poem every day, along with a link where you can read it. Some are classics, some are newer, but each one is the kind of poem that I read, love, and immediately want to tell all my friends about. What better to time to share them than National Poetry Month?]

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